The Day.

When it comes to the end of February, suddenly the flashback about the past hits me so hard. Its all begin on the day...

The day that I let you go,
The day when all your secret have been revealed,
The day when you said that you love someone else,
The day when my heart hurts so badly,
The day when everything were upside down,
The day when everything are falling apart,
The day when trust are broken,
The day when our love is gone,
The day when our relationship ends,
The day that I let go someone I love, just to make sure he is happy.

Bila kita teringat past kita, agak sakit lah kan? Yes, masuk 27 February ini almost one year dah berlalu. The scars still not gone. Sakit itu still ada sikit sikit but Ain kena kuat! Lama lama akan okay. Great things take time. Apa yang terjadi, belajar lah dari kesilapan supaya pisang tidak berbuah dua kali. Sekian~
All our memories in this album.

P/S: One year has passed but sometimes I'm still missing you. I'm sorry. My heart can't lie.

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